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Breakthrough: Advanced Body Composition Testing in the Comfort of your Home

By June 20, 2019No Comments
InBody H20N

InBody H20N Smart Scale

CERRITOS, Calif.June 14, 2019 — InBody, a leader in professional body composition analysis and medical device technologies, announced today the launch of the H20N Smart Scale for the U.S. Market. The global medical tech company established its reputation as a leading manufacturer of professional body composition analyzers trusted by top-ranked hospitals, major professional sports franchises, and research universities. The InBody H20N will be the first smart scale device released by InBody in the U.S. for home testing.

“For years, we have been inundated with requests to develop a smart scale for individuals that want to track their body composition at home in between tests at their doctor’s office, health club, wellness center, or wherever they get their professional body composition analysis,” said Joseph Han, Director of Business Development. “During our R&D, we found that the current smart scale market focused heavily on the number features offered rather than the quality of the outputs. We made the conscious decision to scale back on the number of features and focus on delivering the most accurate body composition test you can take at home.”

The H20N Smart Scale provides essential health metrics including Body Fat Percentage, BMI, Skeletal Muscle Mass, and Weight. Test data automatically uploads to a mobile app that allows you to record test history and track trends.

“It’s a popular opinion you have to take the body fat percentage from a consumer device with a grain of salt. But when it comes to body image, perception matters so it’s absolutely critical that the numbers you see on your smart scale are accurate. Finally, after hundreds of prototypes, we developed a smart scale device that is based on the DSM-BIA technology found in our professional devices while delivering a testing experience you can enjoy at home,” adds Han.

Advanced Body Composition Analysis At Home

Key Specs:

  • 10 Second Test Time
  • Hand and Foot Electrodes
  • InBody DSM-BIA Technology
  • Bluetooth-enabled
  • Fully Integrates with Mobile App

Health Metrics:

  • Body Fat Percentage
  • BMI
  • Skeletal Muscle Mass
  • Weight

The H20N is available for purchase on Amazon or the InBody website. For more information, visit