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Trusted By Professionals Worldwide

Key Features

Clinically Proven Accuracy

Our accurate and precise devices have been used in over 2,500 clinical studies worldwide. Trusted by professionals across the globe.

Seamless Testing

We make accessible health technology for everyone. InBody Testing is easy to perform, quick, and non-invasive for an effortless and efficient experience.

Advanced Insights

Draw deeper insights from more in-depth data. Educate and empower individuals to have more control over their health and wellness.


What Makes
InBody Different

InBody Technology is the next evolution in BIA and body composition analysis. This innovative approach provides accurate and precise direct measurements of the entire body with the speed and ease of traditional BIA. Learn how InBody is advancing BIA.

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Multiple Frequencies

Accurate Results

8-Point Tactile

99% Reproducibility

Direct Segmental

Accurate Results

No Empirical

True Representation

Professional Line

Explore our collection of award-winning devices designed for professionals. Whether your area of expertise is fitness, medicine, or nutrition, our professional body composition analyzers and blood pressure monitors deliver accurate, quick, and non-invasive assessments to provide you with insightful and actionable data.

Consumer Line

Browse our convenient and capable consumer devices developed to make understanding your health easier. From a smart weight analyzer to an advanced activity tracker, stay on top of your health and wellness anytime, anywhere.

Let's get started

Chat with an InBody Specialist to see how you can jumpstart your facility.

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