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Create an Engaging
Wellness Program

Encourage lifestyle changes in employees to create a healthier and more productive workplace like never before.

What is the InBody CHALLENGE?

The InBody CHALLENGE is a comprehensive wellness program designed to inspire your employees to take action in improving their health. With the CHALLENGE, your employees will be guided on how they can set individual and attainable goals for themselves such as gaining 10 lbs of muscle or losing 5 lbs of fat. This turnkey solution is a rewarding program for employees in all walks of life, from the average person wanting to lose a few pounds by summer to the weekend warriors prepping for their next race.

Together, your organization and InBody can improve the health of your team through the InBody CHALLENGE, which drives engagement, fosters accountability, and rewards healthy improvement.

Empower champions at every level of health or fitness

The CHALLENGE is designed for everyone who wants to know more about their body, not just weight.

Lead more engaging and effective programs

InBody Specialists provide live support through the InBody App to answer questions and ensure your members are on track to making healthy body composition changes.

Support participants with weekly checkpoints

In order to complete their journey, each employee will have their unique body composition taken into account to set viable weekly goals tailored specifically to their individual needs.

How does the

InBody CHALLENGE work?

The InBody CHALLENGE wellness program is supported by the InBody Technology Platform, a system that allows any wellness coordinator to quickly gather and track an employee’s physical health. The Platform uses the InBody, the InBody BAND 2, and the BPBIO 320S to collectively gather body composition data. The data is then integrated into an employee’s InBody App and also onto your organization’s LookinBody Web account.

This sophisticated integration allows both employees and wellness coordinators to monitor how they’re doing at any point in time to make progress a sustainable outcome.

InBody Body Composition Analyzer

The InBody is a medical-grade body composition analyzer best used for tracking individual progress on key body composition metrics such as muscle gain or fat loss.

InBody BAND 2

The InBody BAND 2 is a fitness tracker that monitors body composition and daily activities, such as number of steps, quality of sleep, calories burned, and heart rate.


The BPBIO 320S is a fully automated, effective, and easy-to-use blood pressure monitor that can be used as a standalone product or with other InBody body composition analyzers.

InBody App

Employees can access detailed summaries of their results, reach out to InBody Specialists, and share their progress with fellow challengers.

LookinBody Web

LookinBody Web is a powerful cloud database management solution where you can design and monitor your InBody CHALLENGE right from your computer anywhere, anytime.

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