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Enjoy Complete Peace of Mind

With InBody’s Leasing Program

You deserve the highest-quality products, services, and support. InBody’s Leasing Program makes sure that you get all those benefits and more.

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The Latest Analyzers

Say yes to the best tech

InBody’s Leasing Program enables you to stop wasting money on technology that inevitably goes out of date. Instead, you pay for a service that includes ongoing maintenance and the very latest body composition analyzers. 

LookinBody Web

Make data management easy

Collect data from professional and consumer InBody devices so you can manage client test results anywhere, any time, and from any device. Even better, LookinBody Web integrates with personal training and EMR/EHR software. ​

Rapid Response Service 

No more waiting

No more long phone calls or email chains with customer service. Instead, your device monitors itself and alerts InBody staff to potential issues before you’ve even noticed them, ensuring problems get resolved faster.

Free Device Replacement

Say goodbye to downtime

Lessen the loss of revenue while your old device is being shipped to InBody for repairs, then shipped back. If the InBody team can’t solve your problem remotely, we’ll ship a replacement device to you immediately, for free.

The InBody 580

Innovative Health Analysis

The InBody 580 combines gold-standard accuracy with highly advanced outputs, measuring muscle growth, fat loss, visceral fat, and other health indicators.

With more frequencies than the InBody 570, the InBody 580 provides vital new outputs, such as Segmental Phase Angle and Segmental ICW Analysis. These powerful metrics enable you to help your clients or patients reach peak condition.

The InBody 380

Fast, non-invasive insights

With multiple testing frequencies that deliver in-depth outputs, the InBody 380 offers portability and detailed data in the same package.

Gain a new understanding of your clients’ health with Segmental Fat Analysis, ECW/TBW — Phase Angle, and more. These game-changing metrics help you see how your clients’ body composition responds to interventions, boosting the effectiveness of your services.

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