Award-Winning Advanced Body Composition

Precisely track fat loss and muscle gain to keep the people you serve engaged and motivated, and increase your programs’ success.

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“The InBody is the easiest way to track clients' results and to show them that their body composition is changing.”

Rachel Cosgrove
Owner of Results Fitness & Results Fitness University

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Perform easy and non-invasive
body composition tests
in less than
 60 seconds

Measure fat, muscle, and water levels with the accuracy of
gold standard methods

Track your client's progress with a
full-page result sheet printout

The InBody Difference

Full 1:1 training & support

Easy, hassle-free testing

Results you can trust

Prove your programs work

Attract more clients

Create new revenue streams

InBody Tests $30 each

Evan Thoman, MS, PMP

Employee Wellness and Fitness Services Manager,
NASA Johnson Space Center

"We're NASA, so we want to do everything we can to offer our workforce the best of the best, and at the time the InBody was, and still is, the best of the best."

Todd Durkin

Owner of Fitness Quest 10

"You want to look for solutions that are going to give you an ROI and keep your clients/members happy. I believe InBody is an incredible solution"

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is body composition?

Body composition is a method of describing what the body is made of. Your body composition includes fat, protein, minerals, and body water. Body composition analysis can accurately show changes in fat mass, muscle mass, and body fat percentage. This can help validate services like personal training, patient care, corporate wellness programs, and many more.

How does InBody fit into my business model?

We have happy clients across different industries who successfully utilize the InBody to increase their revenue. Let’s chat so we can see how InBody can enhance your business model.

How does the InBody work?

InBody devices use an advanced form of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) that combines direct segmental measurements with multiple frequencies to precisely measure body composition.
Because of the advancements behind our four pillars of technology, InBody does not use empirical estimations based on age, gender, ethnicity, athleticism, or body shape in our measured values, which allows InBody to provide more accurate results.

How accurate is the InBody?

InBody provides clients with accurate and precise results that have been extensively validated to gold standard methods. To date, InBody devices have been used in thousands of research studies.

How can the data be saved?

InBody devices can store up to 100,000 tests. In addition, we offer a cloud database management solution called LookinBody Web. This software allows you to remotely access and manage all of your InBody data from any computer, laptop, or tablet.

Award-Winning Advanced Body Composition

Precisely track fat loss and muscle gain to keep members engaged and motivated, and enhance your programs for success.

Learn more on how we can help enhance your business with body composition technology!

"The InBody is the easiest way to track clients' results and to show them that their body composition is changing"

Rachel Cosgrove
Owner of Results Fitness & Results Fitness University


InBody’s professional body composition analyzer line varies in price, according to your needs. We have great financing and payment options available.

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Personalized Body Composition Outputs

Use the InBody Result Sheet to educate, empower, and engage your clients in ways that were never before possible.


Monitor how your clients are doing over time with the Body Composition History section. Validate your services by highlighting positive changes in muscle and fat. Motivate clients by tracking their progress every step of the way.


Identify muscle or fat imbalances with the Segmental Lean and Fat Analysis section. Utilize the Body Fat—Fat-Free Mass Control to provide a baseline for goal setting.


Create individualized daily caloric intake recommendations and meal plans using accurate measurements of your clients’ Basal Metabolic Rates. No more guesswork in deciding how many calories each client needs to reach their goals.

Award-Winning Advanced Body Composition

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