A New Way to Measure

Portable. Ultrasound. Stadiometer for height. PUSH is a handheld, next-generation stadiometer that uses an ultrasound sensor to measure an individual's height with pinpoint accuracy. Once leveled, the PUSH identifies temperature and humidity to assess the area and delivers a precise measurement with just one push of a button.

Product Features

Data Management

Keeping track of your child's height is important. By regularly measuring your child's height and charting it on the PUSH app, you will learn how their growth is progressing and how it compares to other children their age.


Accurately measures an individual's height using an ultrasound sensor.

Displays temperature and humidity in the surrounding environment.

Measuring range: 1' 8" - 6' 7" / 50 - 200 cm.

Sleek triangular design that fits in one hand.

Push App (iOS & Android) - shows all growth milestones placed on the CDC growth chart.

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