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InBody’s Web API will allow software developers to build InBody data into an application and while InBody owners can easily integrate the data into those applications built by hundreds of software engineers.

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API Call Amount ($)
500 USD 30/mo
1000 USD 60/mo
1500 USD 90/mo
2000 USD 120/mo
2500 USD 150/mo
Type Amount ($)
Standard Account USD 30/mo
Executive Account USD 99/mo
Medium to Large Business
Contact us at for Corporate account pricing


How does the test date and time work?

The stamped test date and time is the local time of the device when the measurement was first available.

What metric is the data in?

All data that is convertible will be in metric and NOT imperial.

Can we receive the data in imperial through the API?

Yes, only if a custom API endpoint was created for you. However, if you are using our standard Web API, unfortunately, you cannot.

Does the member’s age auto-calculate as the years go by?

Yes, only if the member has their date of birth in their profile.

How come I am unable to see some of the result outputs?

Depending on the device you are receiving data from will cause this. If you feel like this is not the case, please contact us at

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