InBody 970

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Cutting-Edge Technology

The InBody 970 takes advanced BIA body composition to the next level by using patented 3 MHz technology and the innovative YScope to accurately assess abdominal fat and total body water.

Complete Abdominal Fat Analysis

Visceral fat is a type of abdominal fat that may be harmful to your health in excess amounts and is difficult to measure. The InBody 970, equipped with the YScope, quickly and accurately analyzes subcutaneous and visceral abdominal fat to give you a deeper understanding of your body fat composition.

Research-Grade Body Water Analysis

Using patented world-class technology, the InBody 970 measures each body segment at multiple frequencies up to 3 MHz. Precisely track changes in your body water at a cellular level to help identify fluid retention and imbalance.

Seamless Testing

The InBody 970 uses biometric technology to make testing even easier and faster. Just step on the broader baseplate, place your thumb on the fingerprint scanner to access your profile, and begin your 90-second full body assessment. For added functionality, the InBody accommodates a wide weight range of 11 to 661 pounds and features thicker handles for a more secure testing position.