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The premier line of award-winning BIA body composition analyzers. Trusted by professionals worldwide.

InBody is a member of the Obesity Medicine Association & Obesity Treatment Foundation Corporate Advisory Council.



See what you’re made of

Body composition analysis is essential to completely understand health and weight as traditional methods of assessing health, such as BMI, can be misleading. Going beyond your weight, body composition analysis breaks down your body into four components: fat, lean body mass, minerals, and body water.

InBody body composition analyzers break down your weight and display your body composition data on an organized, easy-to-understand Result Sheet.  The results help you understand where your fat, muscle, and body levels are at and act as a guide to help you achieve your goals: whether that is shedding a few unwanted pounds or a complete body transformation.


How accurate and reliable is InBody?

InBody’s accuracy has been tested and validated through numerous studies. Over 400 papers have been published utilizing InBody devices for research around the globe. InBody devices are used by leading professionals around the world to give their clients results they can trust and track.


InBody was the quickest and easiest and provided the most graphically educational information for clinician and patient. There’s a lot of options out there, but this was the best one for us.

Dr. Richard Isaacson, MDDirector of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic, Weill Cornell Memory Disorders Program, and Neurology Residency Training Program


Case Studies

How the Anaheim Ducks use InBody to Stay at Peak Performance

Unit Model: InBody 770

Mark Fitzgerald is the strength and conditioning coach for the Anaheim Ducks and the owner of Elite Training Systems, a high-performance training center catered to athletes. Fitzgerald was looking for technology that could measure his player’s body composition in-house quickly and provide accurate, informative outputs. After referrals from trusted sources and self-experimentation, Fitzgerald found his solution in the InBody.

How Fitness Quest 10 Uses InBody to Increase Profits and ROI

Unit Model: InBody 570

Todd Durkin is an internationally recognized strength, speed and conditioning coach, personal trainer, motivational speaker and author who inspires and educates people worldwide. Learn how he invested in the InBody to provide him an increase in revenue and ROI. 

March 1, 2018 in Case Studies, Fitness Field

OPEX Fitness is Changing the Face of Fitness with InBody

OPEX’s culture of challenging the status quo in fitness began…
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November 6, 2015 in Case Studies, Fitness Field

Alloy Does Personal Training Better. And They Can Prove It.

It’s been said that imitation is the highest form of…
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How InBody Helped NASA Johnson Space Center

Starport is designed to promote the welfare and morale of…
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How accurate is the InBody? 

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Interviews and video testimonials from clients

 Using Body Comp Analysis to Diversify your Gym’s Revenue 31:15

Watch an interview of Gymwright with InBody Specialist, Dylan Crane, on how investing in the InBody can add value to your business.

Client Testimonial: Mark Fitzgerald of Anaheim Ducks 2:38

Check out how Anaheim Duck’s Strength and Conditioning Coach, Mark Fitzgerald, uses InBody 770 to optimize athletic performance.

Client Testimonial: Heather Whitaker of Western Digital 3:23

Listen to how Western Digital uses InBody to educate and empower its employees about their health.

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