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How to Verify That Your InBody Machine is Connected to the Cloud Service

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On the main screen of your unit double check to see that you see the WIFI symbol on the top left-hand corner, and the cloud symbol with the letters “LB” on the top right-hand corner. If you do not see the WIFI symbol on the top left-hand corner, you need to reconnect the InBody machine back to your facility’s Wi-Fi.

Step 1

Tap Administrator Menu on the bottom, left-hand corner of the screen.

Step 2

Use the right arrow [>]. Then press 16. Internet Options.

Step 3

Press [O] to connect to the internet.

Step 4

Check the Wi-Fi (Wireless) box and then press Next.

Step 5

Select the Wi-Fi connection you wish to connect to and then press Connect.

If you do not see your wireless connection, press the Refresh button or scroll down.

Step 6

Enter the Wi-Fi network’s password. Then press Enter.

Step 7

Wait for the InBody unit to connect to the internet.

Step 8

A confirmation message will appear with the connected network’s name and IP address. Press Exit to complete your Wi-Fi connection.

Step 9

If you do not see the cloud symbol on the top right-hand corner, reconnect the InBody machine to the cloud service.

Select 04. Cloud Service on the Setup menu.

Step 10

Wait as the InBody unit checks your stable internet connection.

Check the LookinBody Website Account Login box.

Step 11

Press the Login button.

Your login credentials should already be filled in. Please do not delete any of the information in the ID and password section.

Step 12

Make sure [O] is selected under “Do you want to enable the cloud service?”

Press Save to confirm the changes.

Log In

Exit out of the setup menu and confirm on the main screen that the 2 symbols appear properly.

After you have finished successfully connecting, log into your Lookin’Body Web account with the designated password and username given to you by your account manager.

In the event that you turn your machine on and off, at the end of the startup process, the system will ask you if you wish to connect to the cloud service. Please ensure that either yourself or one of your staff members always taps on the “O” button to connect to the service. If they press the “x” button accidentally, you will have to reconnect the machine to the cloud service by following step 3 in this manual.

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