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Getting fit is one of the hardest, easiest things there is to do.  It seems simple in theory, right?  If you want to lose weight, get out there and run.  Or, better yet, get on a diet AND run.  Fast forward 6 months, and you’re as toned as a swimsuit model. Easy! Yeah right.

But here’s the secret: people who look toned aren’t skinny: they’re fit.

But what does being “fit” actually mean?  Isn’t fit just another one of the words that means something different to everyone?

Well, no: being “fit” means you have a balanced body composition.

What’s body composition? You can get caught up on the basics of body composition here, but essentially, it means having developed muscle mass and low body fat – which is measured by your body fat percentage.

That’s something that the InBody BAND can tell you in just a handful of seconds; no poking, pinching, or scary x-ray scans required.  Here’s how the InBody BAND can help you turbocharge your fitness, so you can lose weight the smart way AND get the look you want.

#1: Check Your Stats

Getting in shape isn’t one goal; it’s two – some amount of fat loss with some amount of muscle gain.  That’s why checking your body composition is so important!

The InBody BAND breaks your weight down into two important sections: muscle mass and fat mass.  However, your body is made up of more than just these two sections (there’s also water, bones, etc.), so don’t expect your muscle and fat to add up to your total weight.

There will also be a very important section in your report: your percent body fat.  This is the number you will want to optimize.  For men, the normal range is 10 – 20% and for women, the range is 18-28%.  Going into the “under” range is also acceptable – and that’s where six packs usually start showing up.  Just don’t go too low: your body DOES need some fat.  Staying above 3% (men) or 12% (women) is advisable.

#2 Track Your Steps and Check Your Results

Trying to get your goal steps in one day is great, but what actually happens when you take those steps? Are you losing fat?  Is your body composition improving?

The InBody BAND can show you if your hard work is translating into real, trackable results that you’re working so hard for.  After hitting your step goals week after week, take another body composition test.  Right away, you’ll see if you’ve made any real changes.  If you have, great! If you haven’t, it’s time to change something.  Make the most of your time!

#3: Keep an Eye on Your Muscle Mass

Maintaining and developing your muscle mass is the other important factor in your body composition.  It’s essential for having a healthy body composition.  With the InBody BAND, you can search for and log your workouts to keep track of what you’re doing for your muscle development.

Check your muscle mass gains every couple of weeks to make sure that you are hitting your goals.  Developing muscle mass increases the amount of calories you burn in a day, which also lead to increased fat loss.   Logging your activity also counts towards your daily caloric burn, and speaking of calories…

#4 Balance Your Calories In and Calories Out

Fat is stored energy.  If you bring in more energy into your body than you need, your body will store it as fat so it can use it later.

On a basic level, your body needs a certain amount of energy just to power itself (this is called your Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR) and whatever energy you need to perform the actions in your day-to-day life.  That’s your Activity Level.  Unlike your BMR, your Activity Level can change every single day depending on what you do during the day, which the InBody BAND can help you keep track of.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can really use BMR effectively to plan out your diet and caloric intake, check out this article that outlines how to do it.

#5 Track Sleep to Find Your Optimal Bedtime

It isn’t only what you do during the day that helps you get fit and healthy – it’s also about the sleep you get at night.

The InBody BAND will automatically track your sleep from the time you lay down to the time you get up and move again – no settings required.  This lets you go to sleep naturally without having to do anything with your smartphone or on the device.  In the morning, check the quality of your sleep and note any periods of light sleep or wake time.

Go Beyond Steps and See Results that Matter

It’s nice to track steps, but it’s even nicer to see real results that lead to changes in your body you can actually see.  It’s great to be active, but it’s even greater to see your activity pay off into a more toned, trimmer physique.  That’s what the InBody BAND can help you achieve.  Don’t just track steps – track change.  Don’t just measure activity – measure success.

The InBody BAND is available on Amazon.

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