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Javier’s InBody Result Sheets

In eight weeks, Javier’s body composition changed


Pounds in weight


Pounds in fat


Pounds in muscle

Initial Results

Weight: 180.4 lbs
Muscle: 91.3 lbs
Fat Mass: 22.6 lbs


Final Results

Weight: 164.4
Muscle Mass: 91.9
Fat Mass: 5.0

Javier Morquecho runs a podcast for entrepreneurs about business leadership and development. Morquecho interviews people from different industries of various levels of success. He believes all stories are important to hear because it provides encouragement and support to someone new to the journey.

Feeling the Effects of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Growing up, I was always very active. I played football, and ran track and cross country. But as I got older, I focused less on my health and sleep, and more on starting a career and building a business. Like most people, most of my time at work is spent sitting down. I was sitting for 10 hours a day and I felt like I was not at my best. I felt like my body needed movement. I haven’t exercised for a while now and I was starting to feel the effects of it. I knew how it felt to be in good shape, and I didn’t feel that way anymore.

Becoming his Best Self (again)


I started using the InBody at F45, a HIIT program, in Pasadena, California. There, I joined an eight-week challenge. I used the InBody prior to my first workout and I loved how detailed the results were. It broke down everything you could ever possibly want to know about your body. I started my fitness journey at 180 pounds, with 12.5% body fat. It was important that I maintained or increased my muscle mass while decreasing fat mass. I was glad the InBody was going to be able to show me that.

Staying Motivated


Over the next eight weeks, getting my InBody results kept me motivated. It was the only way for me to know how my performance was. Without it, I wouldn’t have known how I was progressing so I was always excited to get my next test done. I liked that the InBody gave you the Muscle-Fat Analysis and Obesity Analysis. It allowed me to monitor my muscle mass and fat mass, so I could make adjustments so my percent body fat would decrease. I also used the Segmental Lean Analysis output to compare the right and left sides of my body to stay balanced and prevent injuries.

Tasting Success


While participating in the challenge, I felt the best I could be. At the end of the eight week challenge, I weighed about 164 pounds and had 3% body fat. Most importantly, I shed almost 18 pounds of fat. I felt more sustained energy throughout the day without coffee and I felt happy. Every time I used the InBody, I felt proud of my accomplishments, accomplishments. The InBody provided a tangible way to show I was doing well. I always ran and showed the instructor when I got my test result. I was amazed for almost each test. But there were times where I was like ‘Oh, I didn’t eat enough protein this week’. The InBody allows you to know what you need to do to get better.

Understanding the Importance of Body Composition

When you exercise at the gym, there’s no real way to check how you’re doing. You can weigh your body weight but that doesn’t tell you the whole story. I liked that the InBody provided so many details because it gives you a real picture of what’s actually going on in your body that most other tools don’t do. I’ve used other tools, like the handheld body composition analyzer, but the InBody provided a full-body analysis, so I liked that.

Javier Morquecho before and after body composition transformation story
Javier Morquecho before and after body composition transformation story

Javier’s Advice

“Understand your motivation, because that’s what you hold on to when things get tough. Your motivation will give you the strength to succeed and hit your goals.”

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