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In three months, Michael’s body composition changed


Pounds in weight


Pounds in fat


Pounds in muscle

Michael Musselman works in finance in Chicago. He calls himself an “analytical, rational person,” so naturally, he was drawn to the outputs produced by InBody. Read how the InBody helped Michael stay on a regular routine with his personal trainer.


I didn’t have any health challenges. I just wanted to get in better shape. Up until this point, I had been fairly physically active. But, I had never done any consistent workouts or weight lifting in the gym. It was mostly soccer and running.

I started using the InBody about four months ago when I started working out with a trainer at FitPro West in Chicago. We did the InBody in the very beginning of my session on my first day in the gym. I worked out with my personal trainer twice a week for three months. And then we did the InBody again at the three-month mark.

First Impressions

When I first used the InBody, I wasn’t aware of anything like it. My exposure to it was at the gym. It seemed like a good way to create concrete measurements around progress, and I like objective data. So, I certainly was onboard with trying it out to see my progress over time.

Seeing the Results

Having a trainer and a scheduled routine was kind of the first step. But the motivation to continue to work out with a trainer certainly comes from seeing the Result Sheet. Obviously, I noticed the changes in my body and I know the objective benefits of working out regularly, but I wasn’t sure how long I would continue working out with a trainer. Being able to quantify a lot of different data points about the progress I’ve made and then highlight areas of improvement helped keep me working out with a personal trainer on a regular basis. And seeing the results over a relatively short period of time (only working out twice a week) was solid.

Understanding the Benefits

The primary benefit of using the InBody comes from its ability to see actual progress, not just that I’ve lost a couple of pounds or gained a couple of pounds. With a scale, it’s impossible to tell how much body fat is lost or how much of the weight I put on is muscle. And I think the thing about InBody that was most powerful was being able to see that I lost four or five pounds of overall body weight and gained four or five pounds of muscle. So that to me is much more powerful than getting on a scale and seeing that I lost a few pounds. Understanding that I lost a few pounds with the headwind that I gained a few pounds of muscle–that was the most powerful feedback I got from InBody. 

Michael’s Advice

“Having an objective, non-abstract measurement of progress has been the biggest thing that’s kept me going, for sure.”

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