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Ruth’s InBody Result Sheets

In 15 months, Ruth’s body composition changed


Pounds in weight


Pounds in fat


Pounds in muscle

Initial Results

Weight: 178.7 lbs
Muscle: 59.1 lbs
Fat Mass: 69.8 lbs
Visceral Fat Level: 15


Final Results

Weight: 160.0
Muscle Mass: 61.5
Fat Mass: 46.3
Visceral Fat Level: 9

Ruth Furman struggled for years with sustaining a healthy body composition and had a love/hate relationship with the scale. Sandy Scamman is a corporate wellness coach at the Lifetime with the MGM employees. The majority of her job as a corporate wellness coach entails nutrition coaching.


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Struggling with keeping the weight off

Ruth: I struggled with my weight and my fitness journey for my entire life. I wasn’t doing anything that was sustainable because I’d lose weight and gain it back.  In 2015, I had gained a bunch of weight back and when I restarted my weight loss, I found that my results were very, very, very slow because there was really no science behind it.  

Sandy: She did have some success the previous year from August 2015 to July 2016, and lost 10 pounds on her own. But with the support of nutrition coaching, she has been able to lose twice as much fat and maintained a larger percentage of her muscle.

Working together to try something new

Ruth: I’d had trouble with my weight and my health my whole life. If the scale number was good, I’d make a bad choice. If the scale number was bad, I’d still make a bad choice. The reason that I started with this InBody assessment and working with Sandy is that I felt that I was only focused on weight loss.

Sandy: I’ll get a summary of what Ruth is eating and every couple of weeks I meet with her, we’ll review one area that needs improvement, and then make a measurable goal that she’ll go work on.  Maybe it is more water, vegetables, or protein. Improving the quality of her carbohydrates. Or to work out more. There are just a lot of variables that we’ve worked out the last year.

Ruth: I would be pretty freaked out if the scale number was bad. I’d go eat ice cream because I’d be like, “Why am I working so hard and not losing weight?” and I would get like really emotional about it. There were times that I’d go meet with her, and my weight numbers would be up and I’d be upset. Sandy would just show me through the InBody results, “Your body fat has gone down. You don’t have to freak out.”

Sandy: I’ll tell you something that I do on the InBody report.  I always highlight the water in blue, the muscle in green, and the body fat percentages in orange, because highlighting those numbers helps people pay attention to what’s important. The scale number messes everyone up. Those additional numbers really give my clients the needed necessary feedback to continue to see through the journey.

Using InBody to aid in improving cholesterol and metabolism

Ruth: The results I get from the InBody and the coaching from Sandy has helped me stayed motivated. I have some issues with my cholesterol, and I learned that I had way too much fat in my diet and not enough protein. Sandy helped me change up my nutrition and the InBody motivated me to stick with it when I started to see results. InBody gives me a report card and an assessment of what I was doing. 

Sandy: I think the numbers on the InBody are a great positive reflection of Ruth’s body during this journey. Ruth has been able to maintain her metabolism throughout the weight loss process, which is huge because we know her weight isn’t going to yo-yo. Her visceral fat level, which is a very large indicator of cardiovascular disease, dropped dramatically from a high 15 to a normal 10. 

Using data that matters to see progress

Ruth: It’s not just about the scale number. Seeing progress to body fat, muscle mass, and water motivated me to be patient and consistent.

Sandy: Losing weight is a journey. Lots of people say they fail until there is good data. Every time that you try something, you find out whether it works or not. Every individual is like a puzzle, and to the key is to try different things to see what works for your specific body type and your personality.

Ruth’s Advice

“For me, the keys to success are patience and consistency, 100%.  I struggled with both in a big way for a long time, and pushing through with a positive mindset changed everything.”

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