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Wilma’s InBody Result Sheets

In three months, Wilma’s body composition changed


Pounds in weight


Pounds in fat


Pounds in muscle

Initial Results

Weight: 178.7 lbs
Muscle: 58.9 lbs
Fat Mass: 71.9 lbs
Visceral Fat Level: 15


Final Results

Weight: 147.3
Muscle Mass: 57.8
Fat Mass: 43.3
Visceral Fat Level: 7

The Wake-Up Call

I went to my doctor because she wanted to check my blood pressure again since I have had consistently high blood pressure readings at every appointment. During this appointment, she told me that I needed to lose weight because I was supposed to be 40 pounds lighter based on my age and height. Given my family’s history with heart problems, this was the wake-up call and boost I needed to get healthier.

At the start of this journey, I weighed in at 178.7 pounds with a visceral fat level of 15. I was told that I already have enough muscle, and it was only body fat I needed to lose. Well, it was basically A LOT of body fat I needed to lose. Being only 5 feet tall, I knew my fat numbers were not good. It almost scared me to actually see it on paper, knowing that these are real numbers and numbers do not lie.

Focusing on what’s important

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Right after the initial weigh-in, I was thinking of how I should approach this challenge (i.e., my diet, my exercise, my sleep, etc.) and also take into consideration my health based on what was going to be good for my heart. Plus, another factor was that I did not want to lose any of my muscle, which I thought would be hard to maintain if I was going to try and lose weight at the same time. 

What was really the game changer for me was being able to see my visceral fat level because I knew that was important to me in my fitness journey.  I also love how the result sheet showed me how much muscle to gain or how much weight to lose on the side, it helped me set a goal for myself.

Seeing my result sheet and my actual numbers really helped keep me accountable. It kept me motivated because I didn’t want to see myself go in the wrong direction. It helped motivate me also because this was something I can really look at and think “Oh, I want to get better…I can get better.”

Choosing the right diet

I already knew off the bat that I did not want to do the paleo diet, even though CrossFit and many Crossfitters follow it. Not me. I decided to take my doctor’s advice and follow more of the Mediterranean diet, which is good for the heart. I decided to do 1,200 net calories a day to lose the weight and still do the prescribed (RX) weights during my workouts so that I do not lose any of my muscle. The InBody result sheet said I needed to lose 39.9 pounds of body fat, just like what my doctor told me.

Pushing through the struggle

After about a month, people started noticing that I was losing some weight. I was feeling lighter and more energetic. And as the next couple of months came along, I was feeling much better about myself health-wise! Although I am still not at the top of the leaderboard at the box, I’m happy to be able to complete each and every one of these tough WODs!

This was a hard, sometimes torturous journey, but with some willpower, motivation, determination, and discipline, I was able to get through this journey and embrace the feeling of being healthy!

I no longer have high blood pressure and my doctor has taken the precaution label off my medical charts so I am seriously so happy about that. Having people at my CrossFit come up to me and say that I have inspired them has really meant a lot to me personally.

Wilma before and after body composition transformation story
Wilma before and after body composition transformation story
Wilma before and after body composition transformation story
Wilma before and after body composition transformation story

Wilma’s Advice

“Have fun with it because losing weight or gaining muscle, this whole calculation of trying to get fit is hard. Surround yourself with people who help motivate you to keep going. And try out new healthy recipes!”

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