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InBodyBAND, World’s First Body Composition Wearable, Launches in US

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Worldwide Leader in Body Composition Analysis Launches InBodyBAND to Track Change From Within

LOS ANGELES – Nov. 3, 2015 – InBody, the worldwide leader in body composition analysis, today announced the launch of the InBodyBAND, its first fitness wearable.  Leveraging years of experience in the body composition industry, InBody introduces the InBodyBAND as the only fitness wearable to measure body composition, including body fat and muscle mass. The InBodyBAND combines activity tracking with body composition data to provide users with daily, weekly and monthly reports that measure overall progress toward their fitness goals.  The InBodyBAND is now available for purchase on Amazon.

The InBodyBAND measures fat, muscle mass and body fat percentage using Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) and electrocardiography (ECG) to measure heart rate. Using four electrodes, the InBodyBAND collects the body composition data in less than twenty seconds and tracks real-time activity like steps, distance, active time and calories burned. Additional features include automatic sleep monitoring, smart alarms, phone notifications and ranking capabilities to compete with other users.

“As a leader in body composition analysis, InBody saw a need to provide consumers with a wearable that goes beyond just counting steps,” said Brian Hwang, InBodyBAND Product Specialist. “The InBodyBAND takes other factors into account to give individuals a more complete view of the overall progress of their fitness goal.”

The water-resistant device allows users to view their most up-to-date measurements on its digital screen or on the free iOS and Android compatible app. Data can be stored on the InBodyBAND for up to seven days and can be synced via Bluetooth. On average, battery life will last up to eight days while a concealed Micro-USB port makes charging a one-step process. The InBodyBAND comes in sizes small, medium and large and is available in five colors: black, grey, orange, plum, and pink.

For more information, visit the InBodyBAND homepage.  Keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram.

About InBodyBAND

InBodyBAND is the first wearable to measure body composition made by the worldwide leader in body composition analysis, InBody. The water-resistant device tracks real time activity like steps, distance, heart rate, active time, calories burned, and sleep patterns, providing users with reports that measure overall progress. The wearable comes in three sizes and five colors.


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