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CERRITOS, Calif., March 06, 2024 — At the IHRSA conference in Los Angeles, medical device pioneer InBody will discuss the biggest financial problem facing health and fitness businesses — technological obsolescence — and unveil their solution for it: a groundbreaking leasing program.

“Instead of buying a product that will eventually go out of date, you pay for a service that includes ongoing maintenance and get new upgrades as needed.”

“This program makes technological obsolescence itself obsolete,” said Daniel Park, InBody’s Vice President of Sales. “Instead of buying a product that will eventually go out of date, you pay for a service that includes ongoing maintenance and get new upgrades as needed.”

Born from feedback from InBody’s clients, the program is nothing less than a brand-new way of doing business, Park said. The leasing package offers clients access to the latest devices, remote issue monitoring, extensive support and immediate device replacement, as well as a free subscription to LookinBody Web, InBody’s cloud-based data management platform.

“Above all, we’re committed to our clients,” Park said. “Their success is our success. So we asked, ‘How can we better meet the evolving needs of people in our industry?’ After years of client interactions, this solution came to light.”

The leasing program will be powered by InBody’s new Rapid Response technology, which continuously checks InBody devices for errors in real time.

“Once an issue is identified, our team will contact the client to talk them through an easy fix or let them know a replacement unit is on the way,” said Brian Galman, InBody’s Director of Sales. “When the new unit arrives, the client can send back the old unit in the same box the new one came in, so there’s a significant decrease in downtime and loss of revenue for them.”

Galman said the program will make InBody’s advanced technology more affordable for clinics, fitness professionals, gyms and other clients.

“This program transforms InBody’s customer service department into your extended tech team, so that side of your operations stays low-cost,” Galman said. “It also offers flexible leasing options, empowering businesses of all sizes to incorporate state-of-the-art body composition analysis into their services.”

InBody will introduce the leasing program to thousands of health and fitness experts at their IHRSA booth (#1455), along with the two analyzers available through the program: the new InBody 380 and InBody 580.

“These devices are a huge step forward in the body composition analysis market,” Park said. “So people can see that for themselves, we’ll be offering live demonstrations at IHRSA. It’s a completely streamlined and accessible testing process where you get accurate, comprehensive insights into not just your muscle and fat distribution but your overall hydration, cellular health, water retention levels and more.”

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