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CERRITOS, Calif., Oct. 14, 2022 As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic inspires more consumer interest in real-time health information, fitness studio franchise iLoveKickboxing has partnered with health metrics provider InBody to offer on-site body composition testing at their U.S. and Canadian locations.

A worldwide leader in body composition technology that simplifies people’s understanding of their health and wellness, InBody’s award-winning, medical-grade devices are used by professionals and consumers in the medical, fitness, research and corporate wellness industries.

Going forward, InBody will be iLoveKickboxing’s exclusive provider of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology, with their body composition analyzers available for purchase by open locations and planned for use at all new iLoveKickboxing studios. 

Through this partnership, iLoveKickboxing members will be able to access high-quality data about their body fat percentage, muscle mass and other biometrics — and monitor how those numbers change over time, via the InBody App.

A laughing woman wears boxing gloves in a gym.

Offered at more than one hundred studios, iLoveKickboxing’s trainer-led classes meld the vigor of cardio kickboxing with the efficiency of high-intensity interval training. Regardless of a person’s previous activity level, iLoveKickboxing’s programs are designed to support them in achieving their fitness goals, which has won iLoveKickboxing a reputation for eliminating the boredom from exercise and empowering their members.

iLoveKickboxing Brand President Chris Bushey said he’s excited to be adding InBody devices to iLoveKickboxing locations because he believes InBody testing will meet a consumer need for deeper insights into how their training is transforming their bodies.

“We want to give members a way to track their progress in key areas of their health and wellness journey,” said Bushey. “With this partnership, we can give people a look into muscle mass, body fat percentage, metabolic rate and even break down your body composition, comparing the left and right side of your body or your upper and lower body strength.”

“iLoveKickboxing is an ideal partner for InBody because we both promote full-body wellness,” said Harry Yun, CEO of InBody USA. “iLoveKickboxing is known for creating bold, inclusive communities that make exercise fun. This approach is more effective long-term because it’s focused on building self-confidence and revamping your health choices, not striving for an arbitrary number on the scale.”

To learn more about InBody’s professional body composition analyzers, visit

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