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Want to look good, feel good, and get some good exercise in the process? You should go on a Hot Girl Walk!

“Hot Girl Walks” have taken social media by storm in the past couple of years, with wellness influencers and everyday fitness enthusiasts alike lacing up their shoes and striking out on long walks to get some exercise and manifest their goals. 

Let’s talk about the fitness trend that’s been taking over your TikTok FYP, plus how you can upgrade your Hot Girl Walks in 2024 by adding weights into the mix

What exactly is a “Hot Girl Walk?” 

A woman in a stylish athleisure outfit walks by a lake.

Coined by TikTok creator Mia in 2020, a Hot Girl Walk is a four-mile (or about one hour) outdoor walk that emphasizes both fitness and mental wellness. 

It adds a fun twist to an often-overlooked form of fitness — at its very essence, Hot Girl Walking basically involves putting on your cutest athleisure set, grabbing a jug of water, playing your best feel-good playlist, and striking out to get some steps. 

The movement also emphasizes that this isn’t just any old walk: it’s also a kind of mindfulness exercise. Even though the Hot Girl Walk is by definition four miles in the outdoors, you don’t necessarily need to follow this framework. 

The only real “rules” of the Hot Girl Walk are that you’re walking and meditating on things that are going to help you stay mindful and help you reach your goals

During your Hot Girl Walks, you should be focusing on three things:

  • Things you’re grateful for
  • Your goals and how you’re going to achieve them
  • How hot you are!  

In the world of Hot Girl Walks, “hotness” isn’t just a physical adjective; it’s a state of mind.

Ultimately, the goal is to be engaged in a low-intensity exercise that helps you boost your own confidence at the same time that it helps you stay physically active.  

Benefits of going on a Hot Girl Walk 

A woman walks her dog outdoors while drinking coffee.

Increases movement 

One of the best things about the rise of the Hot Girl Walk is that it promotes walking as a valid form of exercise with very few barriers. 

In a time when many people are working out less than ever and spending hours in sedentary jobs, giving people less-intimidating options for exercise can make a huge difference in their motivation to get some physical activity in

Not only is walking a relatively easy way to get moving; it also turns out that it’s an excellent exercise no matter what kind of health goals you have. 

One survey found that walking is inversely linked to cardiovascular disease risk

It’s also thought to decrease the risk of several other common chronic conditions, and walking briskly for just 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, is thought to reduce risks of many age-related conditions. 

Can help with body composition goals

Hot Girl Walks aren’t necessarily about losing weight or building muscle; after all, this exercise’s primary goals are to increase mindfulness and movement. 

However, if you’re actively working towards a fitness goal, going on regular Hot Girl Walks can go a long way. 

For example, if you’re trying to lose weight, adding daily steps to your routine can help increase your calorie burn

Taking 10,000 steps per day could burn approximately 3,500 calories per week depending on your body type, age, and the speed at which you’re walking. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean that adding walks to your routine is going to help you lose weight in and of itself since you also have to consider your diet and the rest of your physical activity if you’re trying to lose weight. 

However, all of those steps can certainly add up over time and contribute to an overall calorie deficit. 

In addition to pure calorie burn, walking also seems to help with other body composition measurements as well

A study that evaluated the effects of walking on middle-aged women found that there was a significant correlation between the number of steps that they took per day and body composition measurements like percent body fat, BMI, and waist circumference. 

Focuses on mental as well as physical wellness 

The biggest thing that separates a Hot Girl Walk from any other stroll through the neighborhood is that it places a huge emphasis on mindfulness. 

During Hot Girl Walks, it’s key to stay in the current moment and consider the things that are going to help better your life, rather than ruminating on the many other things that might be stressing you out or occupying your mind. 

And, as it turns out, the inclusion of mindfulness in your physical activity has plenty of benefits, both physical and mental

For example, studies have found that mindfulness meditation may be linked to improved immunity, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and even improvements in mental health. 

Hot Girl Walking also emphasizes walking outside when you can, and all of that fresh air can help you get into a better state of mind. 

If you take those walks to a green or forested area, such as your local park or nature conservatory, this can have especially positive implications for your overall mental health and mood

Upgrade your Hot Girl Walks with weights 

A smiling woman holds up pink weights.

While walking without weights already has plenty of health benefits, ranging from minimizing your sedentary time to promoting mental health, you can up the ante on your fitness by adding weights to your Hot Girl Walks! 

Holding weights while you walk introduces some resistance training into an otherwise cardio-centric workout routine. 

Resistance training (in other words, weight training) is an important part of any fitness routine since it allows you to build strength and muscle tissue. 

Ultimately, adding weights to your walks lets you target multiple aspects of body composition enhancement at once, from fat loss to muscle gain.  

There’s also evidence that adding weights into the mix can take the benefits of your walk even further. 

For example, holding weights can increase the intensity of the walk, leading to an overall higher calorie burn

One study found that walking with hand or ankle weights at 4 mph was equivalent in intensity to running at 5 mph

Another study found that walking with a weighted vest led to significantly higher exercise intensity and more oxygen consumption than walking with no weights when the subject was walking at a higher speed. 

Additionally, holding weights during a walk also seems to change the way that your muscles are used as you stroll. 

For example, one study found that the gluteus medius muscle was activated more when using a weight than without a weight during a walking exercise.

How to incorporate weights into your Hot Girl Walk

1. Decide how you’ll add weights. The key is to find weight options that you can easily carry with you on your walk. Light hand weights are a good choice if you can hold on to them, or you could consider wearable weights like ankle weights or a weighted body vest for a hands-free approach. This can be helpful if you’re also holding on to other Hot Girl Walk essentials like a water jug or a dog leash!

2. Take it easy at first, especially if you aren’t used to doing any weightlifting. It can be surprisingly tiring to add those extra couple of pounds. Start off with shorter bouts of walking until you get used to the sensation of carrying more than your body weight.

3. Don’t forget to incorporate mindfulness into your walks. Remember, Hot Girl Walks go beyond just the physical activity: they’re also an exercise for your mental health! Take this time to think about what your goals are and how you’re going to get them — and perhaps how those extra weights are helping you become a stronger, more powerful you.

4. Safety first. Adhering to basic safety principles can go a long way in making your Hot Girl Walks safer and more comfortable for you. Whenever you’re out walking, make sure to stay alert, as well as to tell someone where you’re going and how long you’re planning on being out.


Hot Girl Walks are a fun twist on an otherwise traditionally “boring” workout, and their emphasis on both physical and mental health makes them a great option for all kinds of people, no matter what their goals are. 

Hot Girl Walks are also easy to perform, so grab some weights and your favorite outfit and get going!

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