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Come Meet InBody at CES 2016!

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InBody, the worldwide leader in body composition analysis, will be exhibiting in two locations at this year’s CES, showcasing the latest developments in body composition technology

InBody is proud to be exhibiting for a third consecutive year at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This year, InBody will be showing in both the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) and the Sands Expo and Convention Center (Sands).

Visitors to InBody’s booth will have the opportunity to experience the latest in body composition technology, as well as an opportunity to win an InBody BAND.

Essential Links

  • InBody 570: professional body composition analyzer
  • InBody BAND: body composition measuring fitness wearable
  • LVCC Location: booth #35264
  • Sands Location: booth #73520

Booth Features

This year, InBody will be showcasing its award-winning InBody 570 model at both the LVCC and Sands booths.

The InBody 570 has the ability to break down body weight into its individual components, including muscle, fat, and water.  This breakdown allows a user to learn their body fat percentage and understand how their body weight is making an impact on their overall health.

InBody will also be featuring the InBody BAND at the Sands booth. The InBody BAND is a one-of-a-kind, exciting fitness wearable and a 2015 CES Innovation Award honoree that combines InBody’s state-of-art technology with the convenience of an activity tracker.

The InBody BAND allows people to track their body composition anytime, anywhere in addition to performing other standard fitness wearable functions such as tracking steps, calories burned, distance traveled.

New Software

InBody will also be announcing the release of its new software, Lookin’Body Web.  Lookin’Body Web is a cloud-ready data management platform that gives InBody clients an online portal to access all the data their InBody units collect.

Lookin’Body Web allows users to test on any InBody device owned by their healthcare facility and have their body composition data updated to their personal profile.  This allows for much more practical use, as users don’t need to return to the same exact InBody unit in order to track their progress.

By accessing this data through the cloud from a central location, managers can analyze and interpret all of the body composition data from their clients or patients, allowing them to observe trends in the people whose health they support.

Lookin’Body Web will allow, for example, a doctor with multiple branches to collect data from all branches and interpret it from one location.  It can also allow a personal trainer to assess the effectiveness of their training programs and monitor the long-term progress of their clients.

Special Events at CES

  1. Free Professional Body Composition Analysis (LVCC & Sands)

Visitors to the InBody booths can test on the InBody 570 and receive a free body composition analysis and results interpretation by an InBody Specialist.  A test on the InBody 570 is easy, takes just 45 seconds, and can reveal:

  • Pounds of muscle and pounds of fat
  • Where muscle is located in the body
  • How developed each body segment is
  • Body fat percentage
  • Total Body Water
  • Much more

The results of the InBody Test are printed out on a concise and organized results sheet, which visitors can take with them.

  1. InBody BAND Giveaway Contest (LVCC only)

InBody will be holding a drawing for the InBody BAND, with one winner each day at the LVCC booth. The drawing will occur daily at 3pm.  To enter, contestants must do the following:

1) Pick up a “Guess Your Body Fat Percentage” Challenge Card at the LVCC booth or from an InBody Representative and take a free InBody Test

2) Take a photo of the card and results sheet with your phone and post to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and tag @InBodyUSA and #CES2016

Winners will be selected and contacted via social media.

  1. Guess Your Body Fat Percentage Challenge (LVCC only)

Visitors who pick up a “Guess Your Body Fat Percentage” Challenge Card at the LVCC booth also have the opportunity to win additional prizes.

To participate in the challenge, a visitor must make a guess about their current body fat percentage and write it on the Challenge Card  (normal ranges for men are 10-20%; for women 18-28%).  After making a guess, a visitor takes a complimentary InBody Test on the InBody 570 to reveal their actual body fat percentage.

If the results of the InBody Test are within 0.5% of the guess made on the card, visitors can verify their results with an InBody representative to receive a prize!


This year, InBody will have two separate booths to better connect with visitors at CES.

Tech East: Las Vegas Convention Center (Booth #35264)

The LVCC booth is in the South Halls 3-4 on the Upper Level.

Tech West: Sands Expo and Convention Center (Booth #73520)

The Sands booth is in Hall C on the 2nd Floor in the Health and Wellness section, and is adjacent to the Sleep Number booth.


To schedule an interview or for general inquiries about InBody, contact

For inquiries regarding the InBody BAND, contact

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