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InBody Partners with Orangetheory® Fitness to Advance Technology Offerings with Body Composition Analysis

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CERRITOS, Calif.Jan. 16, 2020 / — Orangetheory Fitness continues to seek out innovative ways for members to track progress by leveraging new technology. Starting today, members can take a 15 second InBody Test, a research-backed body composition analysis. The InBody Test allows members to get an accurate and reliable breakdown of their body composition, objectively measuring and tracking their progress in key areas including: muscle mass, body fat percentage, and metabolic rate.

InBody is a leader in body composition analysis, and the outputs from their line of professional body composition analyzers have been validated for accuracy and reliability. Their devices are used by industry leaders in medicine, professional sports, and health and fitness.

“We are excited to partner with Orangetheory Fitness because we believe in their mission to blend science and technology to inspire health and wellness,” says Harry Yun, CEO of InBody USA. “Orangetheory Fitness boasts an impressive list of interactive workout technology for their members, and adding the InBody Test will complement the heart rate and performance data to give members a complete picture that they can take advantage of to achieve results.”

“Member experience has been at the forefront of all that we do since the brand’s inception,” says Rachelle Reed, PhD and Director of Fitness Science at Orangetheory Fitness. “Adding this layer of body composition technology throughout our network of over 1,300 studios will better arm our members to succeed in their fitness goals by focusing on results from the inside out.”

Orangetheory is a science-backed group workout designed to produce results from the inside out, giving people a longer, more vibrant life. Members can track their heart rate and performance as evidence of a job well done. Now, with the InBody Test, members can connect improvements in the gym to improvements in their body composition.

Members can actually see how their time spent in the “Orange Zone” translates to more than just a number on the scale, with real results in both lean mass and fat mass. Outputs measured during an InBody Test include: Skeletal Muscle Mass, Percent Body Fat, Metabolic Rate and more.

By using InBody’s advanced body composition analysis with their game-changing technology, Orangetheory Fitness advances its mission by giving members even better tools to capture real-time performance data, measure their overall workout results and set new goals. Rollout of the new InBody technology will continue through 2020 within both domestic and international studio locations.

As the leader in heart rate based interval training and one of the world’s fastest-growing fitness franchise brands, Orangetheory Fitness provides its members with more energy, more drive and more health through a unique trifecta of science, coaching and technology. Each Orangetheory Fitness class, taught by a nationally certified and trained coach, is an hour-long, science-backed, technology-tracked, full-body workout that helps members elevate their heart rate to the “Orange Zone,” which is 84-91 percent of their personalized maximum heart rate.

More information about Orangetheory Fitness is available on Orangetheory’s website. Follow Orangetheory Fitness on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for the latest news and trends.

To find out more about InBody’s Professional Body Composition Analyzers, visit

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