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InBody Product End of Support (EOS) – LookinBody 110

By October 26, 2021No Comments

Dear Valued Customers,  

This Software EOS Announcement is intended to provide you with a notice that one of our software series has entered the final phase of the software support cycle.  

With the End of Support for the InBody 230, 520, 720, and R20, we will be phasing out the support for our computer software LookinBody110.  

2021 will be the final year of support for the LookinBody110 software. Starting 01/01/2022, support and services will no longer be available.  

Support and services including, but not limited to the following:  

  • General software support and services 
  • Technical Support
  • Live troubleshooting assistance 

Trade-in and Upgrades: 

InBody understands how integral our products can be to our customer’s overall operation. Newer technology provides more productivity and greater efficiency in the same or similar applications as these older products.  

For current users of the LookinBody110, you can upgrade to the LookinBody120 software with a 50% discount. In order to qualify, you must still have the blue Hardlock Key which came with the LookinBody110. To request this upgrade please contact us at  

For users who no longer have an operable Hardlock Key or have misplaced the hardlock key, you can still upgrade to the LookinBody120 software by visiting our store at 

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