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InBody Teams Up With The National Wrestling Coaches Association And Trackwrestling As Technology Partner

By January 2, 2020January 31st, 2022No Comments

CERRITOS, Calif.January 2, 2020 — InBody, a worldwide leader in body composition technology, today announces a new advanced solution with The National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA) and Trackwrestling to benefit wrestling coaches and administrators nationwide. The InBody device, the official BCA of the NWCA, is now integrated with NWCA’s Optimal Performance Calculator for weight management, which is powered by Trackwrestling. With the integration of InBody’s technology, coaches and administrators will save time and resources by improving the efficiency of weight certification programs.

“InBody is committed to developing innovative solutions with our partners, Trackwrestling and NWCA. This was an opportunity to provide a custom technological solution that makes weight certifications seamless through devices that are easy to use, quick, and precise. We are excited to demonstrate our ability to help our partners enhance their operations and platforms by integrating InBody devices and data,” said Joseph Han, Director of Business Development, InBody.

NWCA is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing tools, courses, and resources to wrestling coaches, and growing wrestling participation at every age-group level. When NWCA wrestler’s weigh-in for a match and complete their required hydration tests, coaches and athletic administrators manually enter the data of hundreds of wrestlers . However, with manual entry, the process can be time-consuming, requires a large number of staff, and often leads to errors, further delaying the process and could even disqualify an athlete.

To eliminate such delays and errors, NWCA turned to InBody and Trackwrestling to pioneer a new, easier method for weight certifications.

Coaches and athletic administrators can now easily upload data through a simple digital process, reducing manual errors. A wrestler will test on the InBody device and receive accurate measurements in just 17 seconds, including weight, body fat, muscle mass, body water, and BMI.

These results will automatically upload via Bluetooth, for a reliable connection in places with limited Wi-FI, to Lookin’Body120, a data management software, which can be used on any laptop or computer. Finally, the digital results are then uploaded via WiFi into the Optimal Performance Calculator when ready. This new method will benefit schools by helping them save time and resources and help students by improving the weight certification process.

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