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InBody Will Provide Free Body Composition Tests at ASPEN 2018 Nutrition Science & Practice Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Attendees will also receive a free consultation at InBody’s booth (#200) in Caesar’s Palace from January 23rd to January 24th

CERRITOS, CA (January 22, 2018) – ASPEN 2018 Nutrition Science and Practice Conference attendees can receive a free body composition test in Caesar’s Palace, booth #200. Complimentary consultations will also be provided during the conference, January 23rd to January 24th. The booth will feature the InBody S10 and the flagship InBody 770.

“InBody devices provide a detailed, personalized and research-backed approach to improving patient care. InBody Tests take a snapshot of a patient’s body, creating an accurate baseline for medical professionals,” said Jon Bennett, clinical research manager at InBody. “Data generated by the devices track changes in the patient’s body water, fat and muscle mass. This enables us to set more effective treatment and nutrition plans for patients in all areas of the hospital.”

The InBody 770 will provide ASPEN attendees with outputs like:

  • Segmental Body Water Analysis: Monitor intracellular and extracellularwater in the arms, trunk, and legs separately to identify areas of muscle loss and
  • Visceral Fat Analysis: Learn how much fat is surrounding major organs, increasing risk of metabolic diseases
  • Basal Metabolic Rate: Find out how many calories are burnedat rest to guide nutritional recommendations.


The InBody S10, ideal for bed-ridden and amputee populations, can provide the following information in 90 seconds:

  • Body Composition Analysis: Monitorfat and muscle to assess malnutrition and success of nutritional interventions.
  • Body Water Composition History: Track changes in body water over time to provide earlier interventions in treatment.
  • Whole Body Phase Angle: Assess cellular integrity to identify worsening health status and to predict surgical outcomes.


Validation studies and information about InBody professional demos will also be available at the booth.

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