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InBody Will Provide Solutions in Body Composition Analysis to Booth Visitors at Kidney Week 2018

By October 23, 2018October 24th, 2018No Comments

Visitors can test on the InBody 770 and InBody S10, while learning how to incorporate the medical devices into their facility

CERRITOS, CA (October 23, 2018) – InBody, a medical device manufacturer, will feature two body composition analyzers – the InBody 770 and InBody S10 – at Kidney Week 2018. The event will be held at the San Diego Convention Center from October 25 to October 27 in San Diego, CA. InBody can be found at booth #1115.

“InBody devices take the guesswork out of dialysis treatments by quantifying body water to identify goal weight, detect circulation issues, and ensure effective patient treatment for improved outcomes,” said Bria Morse, clinical research specialist. “InBody devices can additionally go beyond fluid management to give the care provider a deeper understanding of changes in body composition to guide patient nutrition programs.”

The InBody 770 and InBody S10 can provide nephrologists with the following information:
– ECW/TBW Analysis: Guide dialysis treatments using goal weight to avoid intradialytic complications such as hypo- or hypertensive episodes, improving patient outcomes.
– Segmental ECW/TBW Analysis: Distinguish fluid accumulation from muscle and fat composition, allowing for more accurate tracking of fluid overload independent of nutritional status.
– Muscle-Fat Analysis: Track changes in body composition and nutritional status to promote a healthy muscle-fat balance. Understanding changes specific to each patient allows professionals to develop specific dietary recommendations based on individual needs.

The InBody S10 is ideal for amputees or supine measurement, post-dialysis. Body composition tests on the InBody S10 take less than 90 seconds to complete, while body composition tests on the InBody 770 take less than a minute.

Space-efficient InBody devices are medically validated and don’t rely on empirical equations to determine an individual’s body composition. Information regarding professional demos and other InBody products will also be available at the booth. All professional InBody body composition analyzers, including the InBody 770 and InBody S10, are FDA 510 (k) approved. More information regarding body composition applications in nephrology can be found here.

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