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New Handheld, Portable Stadiometer Released for First Time in US by InBody

By October 25, 2016March 12th, 2020No Comments

InBody, a leading manufacturer of body composition analyzers, has released the InBody PUSH – a handheld, portable stadiometer – in the United States for parents and healthcare professionals that need a convenient way to measure a child’s growth.

Los Angeles – October 25, 2016 – Today marks the official United States launch of the InBody PUSH, a handheld, portable stadiometer that allows for quick and accurate height measurements to be taken with a single push of a button. In one second, the InBody PUSH can accurately measure a child or teen’s height, with a margin of error of less than 0.2 inches.

“Parents often think of their child’s growth in terms of height and weight,” said Jeff Kim, Head of Marketing and Public Relations. “InBody has long helped people understand their body weight in a much more meaningful way through body composition analysis. Now, with the InBody PUSH, we’re offering a deeper understanding of the other significant portion of a child’s physical development – their height.”

Used together with the PUSH: Growth Diary app (available for free in the App Store or Google Play Store), the InBody PUSH allows parents to track and trend their child’s height against the CDC Growth Chart. This lets allows parents to compare their child’s rate of growth against the average for their age. This graph allows a comparison for children and teens between the ages of 3 – 20. The InBody PUSH is suitable for measuring height from 1’7” to 6’6”.

The PUSH: Growth Diary app also includes the option to take a photo of a child and pair it with a height measurement to add a visual component to each record.

The InBody PUSH uses ultrasound technology to collect its measurements. After leveling the InBody PUSH on a child’s head, the device emits an ultrasonic wave that reflects off a hard floor. The device computes height after recording the time delay between sending and receiving the signal.

Visit the InBody PUSH on Amazon for complete details and price information.

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