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Nudge Partners with InBody, Makes Data From New Wearable Accessible for Health and Fitness Professionals

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Richmond, VA. May 24, 2016 – Nudge, a mobile health management platform, has announced a strategic partnership with InBody USA, leaders in body composition technology, to make data from the new InBody BAND more accessible and usable for wellness and fitness professionals and organizations working with clients to improve their health and wellness.

“Our mission is to help people live healthier and better lives, and we believe that by providing body composition data and making it easily accessible to consumers with the InBody BAND, people will become empowered to achieve their health goals. Our new partnership with Nudge perfectly aligns with this mission,” said Brian Hwang, Product Specialist.

The InBody BAND is the first-ever consumer fitness wearable that can measure body composition from the wrist. Body composition measurements enable a user to reveal and track changes in body fat percentage and muscle mass. The InBody BAND also records more traditional fitness tracking metrics – like daily activity and sleep – to not only track improvements in all-important lifestyle changes, but also the direct effects those lifestyle changes have on the makeup of a user’s body.

This exclusive integration with the Nudge platform makes it easier than ever to get InBody data into the hands of the health professionals so they can use it to keep their clients on the road to better health outcomes. Using the web-based NudgeCoach client management platform, health professionals can now easily monitor progress and send real-time feedback directly to a client’s phone via in-app messaging. Clients use the Nudge Health Tracking app (free in the App Store and Google Play) to sync their InBody BAND allowing data to flow into their health professional’s NudgeCoach account, where it is organized to help professionals provide useful feedback.

“A growing number of health and fitness professionals are looking for ways to leverage mobile health apps to work more effectively and efficiently with their clients,” said Nudge CEO Mac Gambill. “But when it comes to wearables, a solid biometric that shows users real progress has been sorely lacking. The InBody BAND is a powerful innovation for professionals because it allows them to track improvements in body fat percentage and muscle mass, giving them far more useful insight than weight alone. This relationship with InBody allows us to give health professionals the success metric they need to show the real value of their services, not only to each client, but also to future prospects looking for someone who can help them reach their goals.”

About Nudge:

Nudge is a Richmond, Virginia-based mobile health company set to transform the health and wellness industry by enhancing the accessibility and usability of consumer-generated health data for professionals. The Nudge Health Tracking app (available in the App Store and Google Play) combines simple, manual health tracking with synced data from over 100 compatible health apps, wearables and connected devices to empower consumers to take ownership of their own health, or to connect with their trusted health practitioner for ongoing remote monitoring. Health professionals use the NudgeCoach web-based application, a client relationship management tool that enhances the quality and scalability of care, to view neatly organized health and wellness data and communicate through real-time, PUSH-enabled messaging.

Nudge is dedicated to unlocking the full value of consumer-generated health data for individuals and their health professionals. For more information about Nudge visit

About InBody BAND:

InBody is the global leader in body composition analysis.  By leading the field with cutting-edge technology and a commitment to improvement and innovation, InBody has become the most trusted name in BIA body composition analysis.

Recognizing that people today need ways to maintain and improve their health while living an active lifestyle, InBody has developed a new, user-friendly fitness wearable: the InBody BAND.  The first of its kind, the InBody BAND is the world’s first fitness tracker that can analyze body composition.  Instead of simply counting steps and calories, you can see actual changes happening in your body, like increases in muscle and decreases in fat.  For the first time ever, you can see your hard work translate into real world results: anytime, anywhere.

InBody is committed to guiding the world to a fitter, healthier, and happier future. Take the first step with InBody, and see what you’re made of.


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