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H20 Auto Sync – InBody App Update

By April 22, 2022No Comments

Hello InBody App Users,  

An update to the auto-sync functionality for the InBody App and InBody H20N/B will be applied in order to increase and upgrade data security features already included with the App and device.   

To sync to the InBody App using your H20N/B, you will now need to initiate the test from the App for the result(s) to sync successfully to your InBody App account. The H20N/B will no longer auto-sync after completing a test.  

As such, when testing on the H20N/B with the InBody App, please initiate the test from the App before stepping on the scale to ensure that your latest results are available in your account. Otherwise, your recent test results may not be viewable on the App.  

Further questions or inquiries regarding this update may be directed to 

Thank you! 


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