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Visceral Fat Levels – InBody Update

By May 4, 2022No Comments

Dear InBody Clients,

As you know, our professional-grade body composition analyzer provides users with the ability to measure and track a variety of body composition metrics, including fat mass, lean body mass, water retention, and, in certain models, Visceral Fat Levels (“VFL”).

Visceral Fat is fat that accumulates around our organs; clinical research conducted by third-party researchers has shown that Visceral Fat can lead to serious health complications. In order to help InBody users measure and track VFL, InBody developed specific algorithms to include VFL as a metric represented on the InBody Result Sheets and measured by its advanced model body composition analyzers.

Up until now, VFL results had been limited to “20”, which represents 200 square centimeters of Visceral Fat accumulation. However, due to numerous client requests and inquiries, InBody has updated its software, allowing new and refurbished InBody professional-grade body composition analyzers to show VFL, past 200 square centimeters, without limitation.

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