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Body composition, or the percentages used to describe body fat, water and muscle, has been in the news a lot lately. Although critical in determining if someone is a healthy weight for their height, it’s often overlooked. Here are three ways improving your body composition can improve your life:

1. Use body composition to stay motivated and reach your goals.

Use an accurate body composition analyzer, like an InBody BAND 2, to see your percent body fat decrease and your muscle mass increase. Knowing your body composition helps you see changes you can’t see with a regular scale. Keep track of these changes to keep you motivated to becoming healthier, stronger and happier.

2. Are you skinny fat?

People often assume that skinny people are healthy, but that’s not true. Skinny fat is a term that describes people who are thin but have more fat than recommended. These people are at risk for diseases like diabetes and cancer, much like people who are obese. Knowing your body composition can help you determine what your health risks are and take the actions necessary to keep them at bay.

3. Wake up feeling well-rested

Research has shown that people who lost a little flab off their midsection from diet and exercise experienced better sleep. Better sleep often helps you feel more alert and can increase productivity.

There are a handful of products that can measure body composition. One of the most convenient options is the wearable InBody BAND 2. It features sleep analysis, heart rate monitoring and activity tracking capabilities. The InBody BAND 2 also features EZTrainingTM which automatically tracks workouts for 12 select exercises including kettlebell swings, burpees and planks.

Founded in 1996, InBody has been changing the health and wellness industry for more than 20 years. InBody’s award-winning, medical-grade devices are used by professionals and, consumers in the medical, fitness, research and corporate wellness verticals. Most famous for manufacturing easy, quick and precise body composition analyzers, InBody helps people redefine their health by providing accurate outputs like percent body fat, segmental lean analysis, and total body water.

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